How much has comedy comedy Bharati changed after marriage, see pictures of her new hot avatar


It is often seen that after marriage every girl changes, her beauty is improved many times more than before, and many changes are seen in it. In this way, if we look at everyone’s favorite comedian Bharti Singh, Bharti too has changed so much after marriage that you will not be able to believe.

Bharti Singh had a lot of weight before, but now she has lost a lot of weight before, you might not have seen her in a saree before, but now she is looking very beautiful wearing this saree, tell you that Bharti on Star One She is the second runner up for the upcoming The Great Indian Laughter Challenge (season 4), where her stand up comedy fictional character Lalli was widely praised.

Bharti Singh, who became famous from the comedy show, settled her home a few months ago by marrying her boyfriend Harsh Limbachia, according to the news, when Bharti was married, she refused to change her surname, after hearing this, social media But there was an uproar. But the best thing was that even her husband Harsh Limbachiya had no problem with her decision. Bharti also said that my husband does not mind by not changing my surname.

He is a person of very cool mind. She also appeared in Comedy Circus’ 2010 series Comedy Circus Superstars and Comedy Circus Magic as a contestant, and in 2011 also participated in the Jubilee Comedy Circus, Tansen of Comedy Circus, and the new round of Comedy Circus, which Sony Entertainment Aired on television.

He made a lot of headlines on social media during his marriage. Its fans used to keep watch to see all the rituals of their wedding, Bharti Singh’s birthplace is in Punjab, his mother’s name is Kamla Singh and elder sister’s name is Pinky Singh. Bharti Singh was born into a middle class family. She was only 2 years old when her father died. His mother Kamla Singh was left alone to take care of the three children. He preferred to fight alone rather than settle with someone else.

In the absence of her father, Bharti’s child was very difficult. In the media, a lot of churches are heard about her and Kapil, that both have been estranged, but Bharti has always reiterated that she came into the world of comedy only after seeing Kapil. She considers Kapil a brother and she always follows him.

Bharti Singh and Kapil Sharma’s relationship is always good. Both of us have been seen together in shows. At a time when many close to Kapil Sharma had walked out of his show, Bharti Singh had helped increase the TRP of the show for several days by taking an entry in Kapil’s show. Recently, when Kapil Sharma joined Sony TV’s Super Dancers for the promotion of his film Firangi, there was a special audio visual made by the Sony team for Kapil, in which Kapil’s entire journey was discussed.

Through this video, Bharti had also told many secrets of life to everyone. In this way Kapil supported Bharti a lot and Bharti herself is very courageous and talented due to which today she has reached this point that she has become a different identity.

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