home remedies for indigestion: Indigestion and Gas: relieves indigestion. Tasty myrrh, eat this way after meals – harad is the best way to avoid digestive issues like stomach gas or indigestion


Nowadays most of the time is spent between the four walls of the house or office. The gym may have opened with some restrictions and may have been allowed to go to the park but the fear of infection of Corona is everywhere. In such a situation, most of us are avoiding going out of the house. In this situation, the problem of indigestion and indigestion is constantly increasing due to lack of physical activity. Know here the easiest way to avoid it …What to do if there is lack of space?
-Never time there is so much strength in our body that we can walk in the balcony or lobby of the house and in most of the cities of metro cities there is not enough space to think about doing physical activities there. But to keep digestion right, it is necessary to be active … what to do now?

Two things will help
-If digestion is weak in the corona period, it will not take time for the infection to dominate. In this situation, it is important to do some things which are easy and effective. So the first task in these is to suck myrrh and the second task is to sit in Vajrasana.

Vitamin B12 intake is necessary to avoid megaloblastic anemia


Haran prevents indigestion and indigestion

– If you are not able to keep yourself physically active due to lack of space in the house, then Harad and Vajrasana will be helpful for you in keeping your digestion right.

After eating your food, take a tablet of myrabalan and suck it like a toffee. Also, be seated in Vajrasana during this time. This will not cause excess gas and fat to accumulate in your stomach. Both these things will protect you from indigestion and will help to keep digestion right.

Vajrasana: This posture can be done immediately after eating food


Benefits of eating haran

Where will you find Harad?
-Harad can be found at any medical store where Ayurvedic medicines are available. Along with this you will find Harad at Indian food stores too.

– It tastes like a mild spicy toffee and has a mild astringent taste. If you eat it after sucking it, it will be beneficial soon. If there is any problem, then you can chew it quickly and then drink one or two sips of water.

Harad avoids colds and cold, gives satisfaction to tongue and removes gas

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