Here ‘blazing’ blue electromagnetic lava, volcanic eruptions are expected! Photo viral


In the midst of the Corona crisis in the world, such a picture is going viral on social media, after which everyone is surprised after seeing, in this viral pictures, the blue waterfall of a volcano is attracting people, everyone of this volcano Want to know about, how is this happening ?. Usually the tide inside a volcano is red or yellow. But the pictures which remain the subject of discussion on social media, the lava of the volcano is seen blue. Which is seen in many decades. This amazing view is of a volcanic eruption in Indonesia, which is making headlines these days. Usually whenever a volcano erupts, a fire emits from it, but blue colored lava is coming out of it. Which is very attractive in appearance.

Photographer Oliver Gruenwald, who is doing research on the volcano, says that this blue glow is not of lava. They say that when sulfuric acid comes out from the cracks of the volcano and when exposed to oxygen, it produces blue flame. Whose sight looks fantastic but it is very dangerous!

Explain that the glow of the color of this fire is so sharp that its smoke fades all over the sky. This volcano, named Kava Eigen, is spewing an electric blue colored lava. This blue colored lava is very beautiful on the slope of the mountain which has caught the attention of the people around it.


Travelers and photographers from far and wide have started coming to these areas to take a picture of this lava. According to Oliver, this blue color looks even more beautiful at night and after sunset.


A report says that the liquid sulfur behind its blue color burns continuously and it rises further down the slope of the mountain, then it creates the illusion that the lava is flowing. However, it is not so that the surface of the lava remains only in the areas around it. Therefore, the movement of people on these areas has also been reduced.


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