Here a woman is selling her own milk, said – this leaves my family’s expenses !!


Mother’s contribution in the life of any human being is very important. Stories of mother’s love in the world are very popular. There is talk of the importance of mother’s milk. But all this has now been sold. For the last few decades, the rent of the womb started selling Now mother’s milk also started selling.

Mother’s milk is being sold

A woman in Florida, US, sold her milk for millions of rupees and earned millions of rupees. The 32-year-old woman gave her online commercials to sell milk. This woman named Julie Dennis gave birth to a child in August last year through a surrogacy. For the child, he had earned lakhs of rupees from a couple but after that he started selling his milk.

This is how milk is prepared

He said that I stay away from the family for hours for the pump, because milk also takes a lot of time to prepare. The process of cleaning, bagging and sterilizing is also extremely time consuming. Dennis says she pumps 15,000 ounces of milk per month, stores it in her freezer and sends it across the country in an ice box filled with ice packs.

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