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Health: Banana color tells whether it is beneficial for you or not, know how

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Bananas contain vitamins, iron and fiber, some people believe that the consumption of bananas makes a person fat, but it will not happen if you work out in sufficient quantity. If we talk about the production of bananas, then India is second in number. Ripe bananas are the best nutritious food, banana flowers, raw fruits and the inner part of the stem are used for vegetables.

How to know whether a banana is beneficial or not:

Australia’s famous sports dietitian, Royan Pinto, released a report on banana properties stating that more nutritiousness can be achieved by consuming it based on its changing colors.

According to Royan, yellow banana is soft and more sweet. It is high in sugar but still digestible.

On the other hand, if you take completely green banana, which is raw, it is used in making vegetables etc.

The brown spots on the banana do not just indicate the age of the banana but also indicate that most of its starch has turned into sugar. The more brown spots on a banana, the more sugar it contains.

Banana should not have black spots or black marks, if there are spots then it should not be taken as it will spoil soon. Banana is such a fruit that does not move much and starts spoiling in two-three days.

If you see greenness on the banana peels, then the banana is not fully cooked, that is, you will not get taste in it.


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