Have you been troubled by drinking the brew, include these 6 immunity boosters in the routine


Ever since the introduction of Corona, everyone is being advised to strengthen their immunity to fight this infection and for this people are preferring to drink decoction daily. But many people are bored with it and the excessive intake of decoction is also not good for health. In such a situation, instead of decoction, you can include some other immunity boosters in your diet which will make you strong internally. Today we have brought you information about such immunity boosters.

Blueberry Coconut Bake

You can eat this recipe as a dessert. It is sweet to eat and tasty as well as enhances immunity. It is due to blueberries that it is an immunity booster recipe because it contains plenty of vitamin C along with anti-oxidants.

Cinnamon and almonds

This is a sweet treat that will help keep your immune system in top condition. But how? You will know that almonds contain vitamin E, which is very beneficial for your immunity. Therefore, eating almonds with cinnamon can be a good option to strengthen your immunity. Do try it.

Mayo broccoli salad

Brokely is a very healthy option for your immunity. It contains a lot of anti-oxidants and glutathione which make it a healthy diet. But do not include mayonnaise in it while you eat it. Otherwise it will not give any benefit to you. By the way, you can eat it as a salad. It is considered very beneficial to strengthen the immune system.

Carrot and Ginger Soup

Who doesn’t like drinking soup? If you are also a soup lover then this may be good news for you. If you make soup of spices like carrot and ginger, then it will be very beneficial for you. This will make your immune system strong and no disease or disease will break even near you.

Broccoli, Orange and Papaya Salad

As you know, oranges contain vitamin C. Vitamin C is very good for your immunity. Along with this, green vegetables like broccoli are very beneficial for your health. You will get many benefits by eating this salad, of which increasing immunity is also one.

Cucumber Raita / Soup

This soup is very tasty to drink, as well as its benefits. Probiotics are found in both these things and you will be aware of the benefits of this. So you must try this soup once. This will increase your immunity and will also protect you from seasonal diseases and various types of infections etc.

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