Gurjar Agitation: Gujjar Samaj will hit the road on the issue of reservation, internet service stopped in some districts of Rajasthan


Jaipur: Gurjar society is taking to the streets on the subject of reservation. In this regard, Kirori Singh Bainsla said that after the promise of the state government, he had no way. How long will they keep their society in darkness. Till today he was waiting with restraint for the day when the Gurjar society gets their rights. But till date nothing happened. The leaders of the society have also convened a mahapanchayat in Bharatpur. In view of Gurjar agitation, internet services have been stopped in some districts of Rajasthan as a precaution since midnight of Friday. It is being told that internet will be closed till midnight of October 17 in Bayana, Veer, Bhusawar, Roopwas, Bharatpur. During this time 2G / 3G / 4G data internet services, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other social media will remain closed.

Gurjars are demanding that they be given backlog of 35000 vacancies as reserved seats especially as teachers in Rajasthan. The administration has taken all measures by imposing additional force and an appeal is being issued citing the 2007 High Court order seeking prior approval of the meeting and epidemiological guidelines. It prohibits the gathering of more than 100 people at one place.

Gurjar Mahapanchayat in Bharatpur
Gurjar Mahapanchayat is going to be held in Bharatpur. Because of this, the government has decided. It is being told that this time 5 castes including Gurjar Samaj will be part of the movement. Explain that the state government had announced five percent reservation in the special backward classes to the Gurjars, Rabari, Raika, Gadiya Luhar and Banjara castes. The Ashok Gehlot government, which came to power one and a half years ago, passed a resolution in the Legislative Assembly and sent it to the Central Government, mentioning that these castes included in the Special Backward Classes should be included in the Ninth Schedule of the Constitution.

No longer trusting the promises of governments
Bainsla said that decisions related to the agitation will be taken regarding the problems related to the reservation matter of the Gujjar society. Earlier this mahapanchayat was proposed in Malarna Dungar of Sawai Madhopur, but now it will be held in Adda village of Bharatpur. Let us know that the Gujjar society had warned both the Center and the state government about the reservation issue.

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