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Gold coins, scooty and more expensive gifts are available for getting the vaccine here



Due to Corona, there has been such a situation once again in the whole country that everything had to be closed, but there have been cases of getting the vaccine, but let’s talk about the distribution of free gifts during elections in Tamil Nadu has been a part of the campaigns. Now freebies are being used to speed up the vaccination drive. An NGO in Kovalam is encouraging people to get the vaccine by distributing various gifts. On getting the vaccine, a plate of biryani and a coupon for mobile recharge is being given by the NGO.

Apart from this, bumper prizes are also being drawn in the weekly lucky draw. Lucky draw winners can win up to Gold Coins, Mixer Grinder, Scooty, Washing Machine. The fishermen-dominated Kovalam has a population of 14,300. In these, 6400 people of age 18 years or more live. The organization says that their plan is motivating people to get the vaccine.

Actually, the villagers say that we were in a state of confusion about the vaccine, but the NGO has encouraged the people by clearing the confusion about the vaccine. Now we are going with the whole family and getting the vaccine.

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Beauty Tips: If you are also afraid of washing off makeup in the rain, then follow these tips



Who doesn’t eagerly wait for monsoon? After the scorching sun where the rain gives relief, going out somewhere in this weather is like going to a party, you have to worry about the makeup. It is very important to do makeup according to the season. If waterproof makeup is not done according to the weather in the rain, then it gets washed off due to water and moisture.

If you do makeup keeping in mind the monsoon, then even in this season your makeup can last for a long time.

The skin needs moisture in every season. Therefore, if you do makeup without moisturizer, then it does not look the same for a long time. Not only do women wear makeup in monsoons because of the fear of getting spoiled, but sometimes waterproof makeup doesn’t work.
Here are some makeup tips for monsoon, which you can try to beautify this season as well:

do makeup like this

* Use a cream blusher.

Use more face powder instead of foundation.

* Use light shades of eyeshadow, like pink, brown etc. Use powder shadow instead of cream shadow.

* Apply waterproof mascara in this season and apply 2 layers of it.

* Apply pencil eyeliner instead of liquid eyeliner.

* Get a fresh look by using eyebrow gel instead of eyebrow pencil.

* It is good to use matte lipstick in this season. Neon pink gives a good look this season, but choose lipstick according to the clothes.

Apart from this, if you want to go to a party or wedding this season, then you will have to do heavy makeup. Makeup artist Pallavi says that waterproof foundation, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, blusher are all available in the market these days. It is also beneficial and suitable for planting in this season.

effective way

Use astringent for oily skin in this season, while for dry and normal skin use face toner after washing face with cold water.

It is important to keep the skin clean in every season. Wash your face in the rain and gently apply an ice cube on it for 8 to 10 minutes. This is an effective way to keep the skin healthy.

natural makeup

Always keep the makeup brushes used in monsoon clean and dry. Always keep makeup brushes dry in a box or pouch. Never share lipstick and makeup brushes. It is okay to do natural makeup in monsoon, but if you wear heavy or light dress, then choose makeup accordingly.

face will look fresh

Touchups are a must in this season, so the face always looks fresh. Do not apply too much glossy lipstick. Remove makeup and apply moisturizer before sleeping at night, otherwise your pores will get clogged and acne will start appearing. Do not apply tight eyelashes, it may break. Apart from this, drink plenty of water and take a balanced or nutritious diet during this season.

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Health Tips: Raisins will work to reduce the craving for junk food, know its benefits



Starting an exercise or diet to lose weight is not as difficult as stopping junk food in the meantime. There are so many food choices these days that people are unable to control their diet even if they want to. At such times it becomes even more difficult for people who are dreaming of losing weight. Craving junk food in the early days of weight loss waters down on a set fitness goal.

In such times, there are many people who keep looking for ways to avoid crawling. If you are also one of them then today we will talk about the solution of this problem. Today, we are going to tell you about one such dry fruit which will help in reducing your junk food cravings and keep you on your fitness goals forever.
Eliminate crayfish from junk food with raisins

If you have a desire to eat junk food from time to time, then the remedy is a small raisin which you get at home. It has been concluded that raisins can reduce the craving for junk food. All you have to do is place a raisin in your mouth and eat it slowly. During the consumption of raisins, a chemical is formed in your body which reduces your craving for junk food.

How to consume raisins?

Whenever you consume raisins, first of all take it in your hand and feel its aroma. By doing this, your full attention will be on the changes in the body caused by raisins. Your mouth may water or you may feel something in your stomach. Then taste the raisins by putting them in the mouth and chew them slowly in the mouth. By doing this your junk food will finish crawling in five minutes and you will avoid eating junk food.

raisins that reduce cravings

Raisins are known for their many properties. This is a great snack for you, which saves you from eating unhealthy things. By consuming it, you do not feel hungry for a long time. In addition, the leptin in raisins works to reduce fat by increasing the thermogenesis process. In addition, raisins also contain a neurotransmitter, which reduces appetite and slows down digestion. Not only this, you can also do welding with the help of fire.

things that reduce craving

It is believed that sniffing signals to our brain. It helps in reducing weight and reducing appetite. You can also smell bananas and green apples if you want to reduce appetite and lose weight. For those who crave for junk food, sniffing these two fruits also helps you get rid of the craving. Apart from this, keep eating dry fruits, eating them will fill your stomach, will not feel hungry and weight will not increase.

Remember that grapes are of a cold nature, so if you have a cold, do not eat more grapes, do not eat it even if you do not have a cold, do not eat it during cold, it can cause cold. Worse.

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Beauty Tips: Jojoba oil is beneficial for hair in many ways



Jojoba oil is rich in vitamins and minerals. For this reason, this oil is considered very beneficial for hair care.

enhances hair growth

Jojoba oil has properties to increase hair growth. It also acts as a cleanser, conditioner, moisturizer and softener for the hair.

for dry hair

Jojoba oil is also used as a natural moisturizer. Regularly massaging the hair with jojoba oil removes the dryness of the hair and makes the hair soft and shiny.

moisturizes the scalp

Jojoba oil provides essential nutrients to the scalp. It forms a layer on the scalp which acts as a moisturizer. It is also used as a shampoo and conditioner.

prevents hair fall

Sebum (a type of oil that comes from the scalp) hinders hair growth. Dandruff can occur due to excess oil from the scalp. This dandruff also causes hair loss. Jojoba oil is the elixir of life. Jojoba oil helps in reducing the amount of oil in the scalp, which helps in getting rid of dandruff caused by fungus in the hair and also reduces hair fall on its own.

removes dandruff

Jojoba oil is also very helpful in removing dandruff from the hair. Hair follicles are also thought to be caused by a fungus called Malassezia furfur. Jojoba oil has anti-fungal properties that help fight the fungus that causes dandruff. Jojoba oil is also used in anti-dandruff products. In this way jojoba oil is also very beneficial for dandruff.

scalp cleanser

Jojoba oil is also used to clean the hair. If the scalp is excessively oily, jojoba oil acts as a soluble agent and helps to keep the hair and scalp clean.

makes hair thick

Jojoba oil helps in increasing the volume of hair. Jojoba oil moisturizes the hair follicles. It makes hair healthy and strong. This makes the hair thick. Regular massage of the scalp with jojoba oil makes the hair thick.

To make jojoba oil shampoo at home, take a teaspoon of jojoba oil and a suitable shampoo for your hair.

how to use?

Firstly, take out the shampoo as required in a small bowl.
Then add a spoonful of jojoba oil to it and mix it well.
Now shampoo your hair with this mixture.
Apply it on the scalp and massage gently.
Then wash the hair with plain water.

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