Global Hunger Index 2020: India ranks 94th among 107 countries, 14% population malnourished


The report of the Global Hunger Index 2020 has been released. India’s ranking in the Global Hunger Index has improved, but still India is lagging behind many neighboring countries. These countries include countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia. India has ranked 94 in the list of 107 countries. Only 13 countries are ahead of which India is ahead. These countries are Rwanda, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Libya, Mozambique and Chad.

According to the report of the Global Hunger Index, the situation in the case of hunger in India is ‘serious’ with a score of 27.2. According to the report, about 14% of India’s population is malnourished.

India’s ranking improves
Although India’s ranking has improved this year. India was ranked 102 in 117 countries last time. But the thing to note is that this year the number of countries has also decreased.

China was ranked 25th, Pakistan 94th, Bangladesh 88th, Nepal 73rd, Myanmar 69th and Sri Lanka 66th in the Global Hunger Index 2019 report. Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, Cuba and Kuwait topped the GHI ranks.

India’s ranking since 2015
India was ranked 93rd in 2015, 97th in 2016, 100th in 2017, 103rd in 2018 and 202nd in 2019. Records show that the crisis in India remains hungry. Malnutrition among children in India is appalling. The Global Hunger Index is formulated in a country based on the proportion of undernourished children, children under five years of age, whose weight or length is less than age-wise, and the mortality rate in children under five years of age.

In the Global Hunger Index, the countries whose scores are below get high rankings and those who have high scores get low ranking. Accordingly, India has got a poor ranking.

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