Girl revived after death, doctor lying in awe



  • A 12-year-old girl in Indonesia becomes alive again after death
  • The girl lived for about 1 hour and then died
  • After the first death, the body was being bathed, then came alive

A 12-year-old girl in Indonesia became alive again after her death. The girl remained alive for about 1 hour and then died. It is being told that after the first death, the body of the girl was being bathed to clean it, so that she could be buried. During this time she was alive again. The girl died again after being alive for about an hour. According to local media, when the girl was alive again after death, her eyes were opened and her heart started beating again. His body also became hot and movement began. On seeing the child alive again, the family members are shocked. On receiving the news that the girl is alive again, the doctors are shocked and they reach her house so that the child can be given oxygen.

The girl died about an hour later. The girl’s name is being described as Siti Musufah Waradah. He was pronounced dead in the hospital at 6 am on August 18. The family took him home around 7 pm. Doctors say that the person who dies due to a heart attack starts having pulse several times. It occurs 10 minutes after death in about 82 percent of cases.

The girl’s father said that while she was being bathed, suddenly her body temperature warmed. The daughter’s closed eyes opened again. We found that his heart started beating again and the body started moving. After the child’s death again, his body was bathed and buried.


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