Ghaziabad News: … because of this, people put posters of ‘Makan Bikau Hai’ on the door of the house – people put posters of makan bikau hai on the door of their house in ghaziabad


Tejesh Chauhan, Ghaziabad
More than 20 people living in Chhabra Colony of Shalimar Garden Main in Sahibabad area were surprised when people put posters of ‘Makan Bikau Hai’ at the gate of their houses. When this information was received by the police administration and the regional councilor, these people reached the spot. People who put up posters said that a domineering youth lives in the colony. He is often accompanied by a large number of bouncers. People around her are very upset due to her bullying, so now the people here have put posters of ‘House is for sale’ on their house.

These people say. That there have been many criminal cases in this area. Chain snatching has also been the highest in this area. Keeping this in mind, for the sake of security, all the local people collected money among themselves and put a chain in the street. It has no problem with any local person, but a domineering Sushil Verma constantly opposes it. Sushil Verma has removed the chain in the street, after which unwanted elements have started coming into the street. When people opposed the removal of the chain in the street, he quarreled with bullying. The locals are very upset with his bullying. He also complained to the District Magistrate, but if there is no hearing on it, now he has taken this decision in compulsion. Will sell the house from here and take it elsewhere. More than 2 dozen people have put up such posters in front of their houses.

Police assured action after investigation
On this information, Sahibabad police station president and regional councilor also reached the spot. At the same time, Sushil Verma says that some people have made false allegations against him. If he himself lives in the colony then how can he see the colony unsafe? Some people hate them, hence such allegations have been made.

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