French President Emmanuel Macron condemns ‘Islamic terrorist attack’ in Paris


French President Emmanuel Macron condemns 'Islamic terrorist attack' in ParisFrench President Emmanuel Macron (Photo Credits: ANI)

Paris, October 17: French President Emmanuel Macron has called the incident of beheading a teacher in the northwest suburb of Paris an ‘Islamic terrorist attack’ and has called for swift and concerted action by his government to deal with extremists promised. “One of our citizens was killed today because he was teaching freedom of expression to the students,” Macron told the media after visiting Conflance-Hundred-Honori Middle School a few hours after the attack.

He said, “He was a teacher who was killed by a terrorist because he wanted to destroy the terrorist republic. We wanted to destroy the possibility of making our children free citizens.” Macron insisted that terrorists would not be able to divide France. According to local media, the victim is a 47-year-old history teacher who allegedly showed cartoons of Prophet Mohammed to his students, considered by Muslims as blasphemy, and a terrorist beheaded him with a knife. ”

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It is believed that the suspected attacker is 18 years old, about which more information is not known. He was seen with a knife by the patrol police. He reportedly shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’, or Kagod is Greatest, before the attack. Refusing to surrender, the officers opened fire on him, killing him.

Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanker (Education Minister) tweeted, “Tonight, this is a Republic whose servant, a (Republic), has been attacked with the murder of a teacher.” He said that unity and stability are the answer to the narrowness of Islamic terrorism. Former French President François Hollande has also condemned the incident.

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