France: Teacher’s head beheaded for showing cartoon of Prophet Mohammed to children, made himself a victim of police bullet


In France, police shot a suspect who beheaded a history teacher after showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammad to children in class. Police have said that there was an attempt to arrest the man. However, the man also showed a gun while shouting slogans, after which he himself became a victim of police firing. The prosecution officer’s office said that the investigation of the case from terrorism angle has been started.

This barbaric incident took place in the city of Eragany on the outskirts of Paris at around 5 pm local time. Police officials said the suspect, armed with a knife and an airsoft gun, was shot dead by police. According to police sources, the history teacher who was murdered by this person recently showed the cartoon of Prophet Mohammad to the children in the classroom.

The case is similar to last month when a 25-year-old Pakistani man injured a couple of people to avenge the publication of Prophet Mohammed’s cartoons in the Sharli Abdo magazine. The attacker seriously injured two employees of a TV production agency, whose offices are on the same block that also housed Sharley Abdo’s office. However, both employees survived the attack.

However, the latest case comes at a time when the attack on the 2015 Charley Abdo magazine outside Paris is going on. That terrorist attack was also angered by the printing of cartoons of Prophet Mohammad. Not only this, this year the magazine has again published those cartoons. There have also been threats from al-Qaeda.

Threatened to murder with knife again

According to the police source, the police team reached the school after receiving the information on Friday. There, they saw the dead man and a suspect with a knife in hand nearby was also present. When the police tried to arrest him, he started threatening.

According to sources, there was a firing from the police. The man was injured in this firing and later succumbed. Meanwhile, French Interior Minister Gerald Dermannin, who is on a visit to Morocco, is returning to Paris after talks with Prime Minister Jean Castex and President Emmanuel Macron.

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