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Follow these simple steps to make kajal at home, will work for longer

Whenever it comes to beauty, the eyes are definitely mentioned in it. Many songs were also made to describe the beauty of the eyes, such as ‘Tere Mast-Mast Do Nain…’. Brother, your mascara works to make these Kajraren Naines even more beautiful and attractive. If you do not like to do too much make-up, then using only mascara can also look beautiful. There are many girls among us who do not even like to leave the house without kajal. But if you want to avoid using kajal in the market at this time, then in this article we are telling you how you can make kajal by following some easy steps at home. So let’s know how to make mascara at home, which can work for a longer time….

1 bowl desi ghee
Wick for lamp
A bronze plate

Now you have to apply ghee in 1 bowl or diyas and apply the wick to it and hold it from both corners and keep it well immersed in the ghee. Now when the wick is well immersed in the ghee, then burn it. Place the bronze plate over it in such a way that half of this plate falls on top of the lamp and half on the ground. In this way this plate will slightly cover the lamp.

Now leave such lamps burning. Now leave them all like this. Kajal will freeze above the plate in about 3-4 hours. Now take it out with a clean knife and fill it in a clean vial. Apply it with a clean finger as per your need.



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