Follow these home remedies to stop the constant hiccups


There are some actions of our body that we cannot stop. Often a person feels a lot of trouble due to hiccups. To prevent hiccups, you take various measures like drinking water or trying other remedies but even then the hiccup does not stop.

Home remedies to prevent hiccups:

# Whenever you have hiccups, press your right palm with the thumb of the left hand and do the same with the other hand, for this press the rounding between your thumb and index finger.

# Take a long breath and pause for a few seconds when the carbon dioxide deposited in the lungs is filled and the diaphragm removes it, then the hiccup will stop automatically.

# Eat food slowly by chewing it; Hiccups stop coming soon; Eating hiccups comes quickly; Eating slowly also digests food quickly.

# Sudden hot cold food also causes hiccups and prevents sour things like lemon, vinegar etc. It acts as a medicine in hiccups, it stops breathing.

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