Fitness During COVID-19: Don’t compromise with exercise in an epidemic, stay fit at home in these 5 ways


Fitness During COVID-19: Very few physical activities have become the biggest health challenge of this time. Low physical activity increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and cancer, including more non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Even the World Health Organization (WHO) considers low physical activity a major threat to death. The WHO also estimates that one in four young people around the world is a person who is not sufficiently active. At the same time, in India, diseases are increasing in the last 25 years, especially due to the fast sedentary lifestyle and low exercise.

Unfortunately due to lockdown due to Kovid-19 the physical activity has reduced. It is negatively impacting a large number of people. Working from home has also increased our sitting hours. Also fear of getting infected with viral disease. Because of this, most people are not able to do their regular physical exercises like gym, swimming, group yoga class, Pilates and Zumba session.

Exercising at least 30 minutes daily not only reduces your weight, but also helps in preventing non-communicable disease. Kovid 19 has made it difficult to do the way we used to exercise before. Now is the time to find sustainable ways to keep ourselves fit, active and healthy.

5 ways to do indoor workouts without any equipment

skipping a rope

Rope jumping is an under-rated, but very beneficial exercise. Jumping the rope 20 minutes a day provides a lot of promise in burning calories and reducing weight. If your weight has increased during lockdown, then you can lose weight by jumping rope. A study published in the Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology concluded that skipping has significant benefits in addition to jumping rope for heart health and physical fitness.


Most of us forget keeping the bicycle in the store room. Roads have become empty during lockdown and this time is perfect for cycling. In such a situation, you can make the bicycle part of a fitness regime after the epidemic.

By cycling, you can follow social distancing in a good way. If you ride a bicycle, you don’t have to go to other places like the gym or the park. Heart health is also good by cycling.

The stairs

If you climb the stairs of your house, it can fulfill your daily physical activity needs. When we climb or descend stairs, this activity keeps our weight balanced. Just like walking or running, you can burn calories by climbing and descending stairs. Climbing the stairs also helps to strengthen the lower body, this improves muscle, stamina and endurance.

Family yoga

At this time it is not possible to do yoga in a physically group. There are many such online platforms which are currently providing virtual yoga classes. Families are getting a chance to spend more time together at home due to a ban on going out. Everyday family yoga session means that the family wakes up in the morning and does yoga together, then it can prove beneficial for the health of all.

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