Fire in Ghaziabad: fierce fire in Delhi’s Ghaziabad slums, 15 fire engines


Fire in Ghaziabad: fierce fire in Delhi's Ghaziabad slums, 15 fire enginesFierce fire in Ghaziabad slums (Photo Credits ANI)

Fire in Ghaziabad: In Ghaziabad, adjacent to Delhi, a fierce fire broke out in the slums on Tuesday night. After the fire, people gave the information to the fire department as well as the local police. Shortly after receiving the information, the police and fire brigade teams reached the spot. According to the latest information, there are a total of 15 fire engines on the scene and efforts are being made to control the fire. It is being told that poor people from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, West Bengal live in these slums.

It is seen in the picture shared with the tweet by the news agency that the slums are burning. Due to the fire, the light is visible everywhere in the sky and the fire is slowly reaching from one slum to another. The way the flames look. It seems that it may be difficult to control the fire soon. However, fire brigade teams are trying to control the fire. There is an effort from the fire department that the fire can be controlled as soon as possible. Also read: Fire at Parliament Annexe Building: Control over fire found in Annexe Building of Parliament, Delhi

Fierce fire in Ghaziabad slums:

How the fire started at the moment is yet to be ascertained. But it is being said that in the area of ​​Ghaziabad, these slums are there. After the fire there, an atmosphere of chaos has been created. Because it was night time, people were at home with their families. When the fire broke out suddenly, there was chaos with a screaming cry. People started running out of slums to save their lives. Because the gas cylinders cooking the people were bursting one after the other after the fire.

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