Farmer politics: Agriculture bill: Passed from Parliament but there may be wrangling on the road – Agriculture bill passed in parliament but opposition may lead it on road


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Though the Modi government succeeded in getting the ‘disputed’ farmers’ bill passed from Parliament, the real challenge now begins. When there was some apprehension about the new bill among the farmers, the opposition came out aggressively. Now the opposition may try to surround the street instead of the parliament. In the next few days, the issue of farmers in politics may once again look hot. In fact, the issue of farmers always seems to be favorable for the opposition according to the narrator and the opposition who is on the backfoot on the issue of Hindutva and nationalism can counter it.

At the same time, in the form of farmers’ trouble, opposition parties have found an issue from which they can set a common agenda. This was reflected on Sunday when several opposition parties came to a stage in the farmers’ movement. This may become the biggest issue for the opposition to surround the government and will not let this opportunity go away in the next few days. Also, there is a government of opposition in many states and it can make it more difficult by speaking in opposition to this bill of the central government.The government is aware of the seriousness of the matter. For this reason, when the central government was engulfed in the peasant movement, Rajnath Singh came out as a ‘troublemaker’ of the government. When the farmers were angry in 2018, it was Rajnath Singh who emerged as an intermediary between the farmers and the government. It is also a matter of concern for the government that in the last few years, they have been suffering political damage on the issue of farmers.
This thing is worrying the Modi government more.

In 2017, farmers’ anger was basically the main reason behind BJP’s poor performance in villages in Gujarat assembly elections. After this, in states like Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, the party had to face defeat in the assembly elections in the assembly elections after continuous agitation by farmers.

After this, before the 2019 general elections, the Modi government came in the form of big damage control and started the scheme of giving Rs 6 thousand every year to all the farmers. It got a political advantage and won the confidence in the general election.
But once the farmers’ movement comes to the fore again, this time it will be known how the government will convince or give them confidence.

If sources are to be believed, the biggest concern at the top level of the government is that the image of the government under the leadership of PM Modi has been made for the farmers and poor. The Modi government made inroads between farmers and the poor when the opposition tried to impose a suit-boot government on the BJP government. At the same time, the government indicated that this time there is no question of withdrawing from these three bills. In all, farmers have become the new land of politics where politics will bloom in the next few days.

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