Explosive dance video of Yuzvendra Chahal’s fiancee surfaced on Navratri, went viral on social media


new Delhi: Yuswendra Chahal’s fiancée Dhanashree Verma is famous on the social media. Dhanashree is known for her tremendous dance moves besides being a doctor by profession. She is very active on social media. Fans of Dhanashri eagerly wait for her new video. The result of that is that every video that comes out gets millions of likes in a few hours.

Dhanashree has shared a very cute video of her dance with her Instagram account before Navratri. His friend Vaisali can also be seen with him in this video. So far this video has got more than 3 lakh 17 thousand likes on social media. Even before this video, Dhanashree shared a video of her dance on Navratri. After receiving a good response, he has shared another video.

Even before this, Dhanashree shared her special garba dance for her fans for Navratri. In this dance video, Dhanashree is seen dancing to the song ‘Main Payal Hai Chankai’. At the same time, he can be seen in the recently revealed video, “Pari Hoon Main” song.

More than 18 lakh fans follow Dhanashri on Instagram. At the same time, Dhanashree also keeps sharing her dance videos on social media from time to time. Which his fans like a lot. Fans are appreciating their dance video which surfaced. With this, fans of Dhanashri are reacting to the love comment on the video.

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