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Ex-Cook’s Reveal – Many old staff members were removed at Riya’s behest, he had completely taken control of Sir.

A team of Bihar Police is coming to Mumbai to investigate the Sushant Singh Rajput death case. Meanwhile, on Saturday, a news channel spoke to two former staff members of Sushant’s house and inquired about the changes in Sushant’s life after Riya’s arrival.

During the conversation, both former staff members told that Sushant’s life had changed after Riya Chakraborty’s arrival. Earlier, he was very enthusiastic and used to be up to date on work as well. But after Riya’s arrival, his life changed, his health started deteriorating, his work was reduced and Riya started to control him.
Riya says I was removed

In a conversation with ABP News, Sushant’s former cook Ashok Kumar Khasu said, ‘I worked as a cook at Sushant’s house between 2016 and September 2019. In September I went to my house in Nepal, then in October when I came back, Sushant sir and Riya went on a Europe trip. Then I was told by House Manager Semil Mirinda that I was removed at Riya’s behest. They all came back around 27–28 October around Diwali. But I did not talk to them about it. ‘

We did not know they were in depression

On the question related to Sushant’s depression, Ashok said, “As long as I was there, it never felt like he was in depression.” It was heard at that time that he had gone to the hospital for a checkup, at that time it was said that he had dengue. It is now known that he had depression. Why was this thing hidden till now when his family was in depression, no one knows his family. Staff did not even know that he was in depression. All these things should be revealed.

Sir himself was refusing films

On Sushant not having films, Ashok said, ‘It was not that he did not have films, he was refusing films on his own, he used to say that I will rest for two-four months and now any films Will not do

Riya removed many people, Sir never did this

Regarding Riya’s control over Sushant’s life, Ashok said, “I didn’t think so until I was.” Then I had no doubt till I was removed, but after that one of their bodyguards and an accountant were removed, then the three of us talked about what happened that the old staff is being removed. ‘ He further said, ‘Sushant Sir never used to remove any old staff. Even before, people used to go, but they used to leave of their own free will. He was replaced by another staff. But Sir himself never fired anyone. ‘

Sushant started changing after Riya’s arrival

Meanwhile, another member of Sushant’s staff also spoke to ABP News and said, ‘When I started working there, he was completely fine, his routine was fixed. Breakfast, gym, shooting everything was going well. After Riya’s arrival, the staff changed and they began to feel the change. Many of the staff members were replaced after Riya’s arrival. Many people were changed from home to office.

Sir’s after Riya’s arrival Enthusiasm lowered

The former member told, ‘They used to be very excited till Riya’s arrival, but later they did not stay like that. Earlier, he used to do everything very well, after Riya’s arrival, there were changes. In the middle, his health started to deteriorate, we never paid attention if he used to take medicine etc. We had no idea what was going on, but they had changed a lot. ‘

Riya’s behavior was not right at all

Talking about Riya, the former staff member said, ‘Riya’s behavior was not right, everything was going upside down after her arrival, Sushant sir was not the same as before, the house and office staff was changed and this All was happening at the behest of Riya. He did not eat any medicine while I was. We never got to know that he was taking any kind of medicine. ‘

Sushant sir was not of weak heart

She further said, ‘Riya used to interfere greatly in his life. Riya’s friend and Riya’s brother used to come to the house. There were also parties. Earlier, Sushant’s sister also used to come, but after Riya’s arrival, she stopped coming, and only Riya’s family used to come. ‘ He said, ‘Sushant sir was not of weak heart, he did not lack anything. They cannot take such action on their own free will.



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