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Etolizumab used in the treatment of corona in Cuba is effective in treating the elderly


New Delhi: An antibody drug used in the treatment of corona in Cuba has been found to be highly effective for elderly patients suffering from a moderate type of corona infection. This drug reduces the risk of death from such patients admitted to the ICU. On research conducted in Cuba, the Indian company Biocon Ltd said that it received approval from the regulatory body DGCI to treat Corona-infected patients in India earlier this month. The drug, Etolizumab, was tested for a disease called psorosis, but now this drug has proved effective in curing corona patients with moderate to acute infection. Cuba’s Center of Molecular Immunology has found etolizumab to be successful in treating corona.

Research conducted on a small scale has revealed that the respiratory system of children under five years of age has a large amount of corona virus. Now these figures raise the question whether children are the means of spreading corona infection? But in many previous researches, it has never been proved that the infection is spread by children. New research published in the journal Jama Pediatrics states that corona infection spreads to children as well as adults. Research has found that children up to five years old also have an excess of genetic elements that attract infection. They have this ability more than older children or adults. In these children the effect of viral is greater than in others.

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