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Bigg Boss: Vikas Gupta can go out of the show again due to this big reason



Bigg Boss: Vikas Gupta can go out of the show again due to this big reason Ampinity News

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new Delhi. The promo of television’s most controversial show, Bigg Boss14, has been released, which can be gauged by seeing that the contestants of the show Vikas Gupta who walked out of the show for some time due to poor health. Thea and have now returned, he may leave the show again. By staying in Bigg Boss’s house, he is waiting for his medical report. The promo has shown that he will be seen talking on his health issues in Wednesday’s episode.

At the same time, Rakhi Sawant will be shown in a red color saree, when Abhinav Shukla will see him and say – ‘Ay hi, what a body.’ During this, Rakhi will be seen standing in front of the mirror and saying, ‘Mang Bharo Sajna’, the name of Abhinav. ‘Rakhi also says’ I love you Abhinav’ during this period. Only then will Vikas be seen saying, ‘It is very painful, very much.’ Speaking of this, Vikas is almost crying. Meanwhile Ali is seen sitting next to him.

Arshi was also seen crying

After a while, Ali Goni appears to say to Rakhi and the rest of the people, ‘Bigg Boss has called us to the living area in a while. Soon after, it is seen in which Bigg Boss asks everyone to gather in the living area. Then Arshi is also seen crying in the promo, and Sonali says to Sonali Phogat, ‘I think, this is how the quilt is covered. I did not know that his health is so bad. ‘ If Vikas Gupta goes out of the show due to health reasons, the other contestants will also be able to leave the show due to the health problem.

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