Employees who lost jobs in Corona period will get 50% salary


Considering the sluggish pace of the Atal Insured Person Welfare Scheme in the country, a special campaign is going to be launched for this. There is a provision of giving 50% salary to the employees who have lost their jobs through this scheme. According to information received from sources in Hindustan, till now the figure of those who took advantage of this scheme has not reached one lakh.

Arrangement of 40 thousand crores

According to the officer associated with the case, the concerned departments are currently busy in settling the claims so far and in the coming days, the work of spreading awareness about this scheme among the people is also to be done at a rapid pace. All the major media including social media have to be used for this. The government believes that through this scheme run under the Employees State Insurance Corporation, or ESIC, people can be benefited on a large scale. Currently there is a provision of about 40 thousand crore rupees under its fund which can be used for those who have lost jobs.

How will you get benefit

Under this Atal Insured Person Welfare Scheme, if the nominee of ESIC has lost his job due to Corona crisis, he will be given unemployment allowance. Such people will be provided 50 percent of their salary for three months. This help will be available to those whose jobs have been left between March 24 and December 31 this year. Earlier the amount received under this scheme used to be 25 per cent instead of 50 but in the Corona period the government has increased it. For this it is also a condition that the claimant should have insurance for at least two years. Not only this, the amount of its claim will go to the bank account linked to Aadhaar, no cash payment will be made.

Provision is made for the individual to submit the claim form by filling the online claim form, print out affidavit of the submitted form and bank account, along with a copy of Aadhaar either through post or by going to the respective ESIC branch. Currently, 3.49 crore families in the country are registered with ESIC, under which 13.56 crore people are getting health services related to it.

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