Efforts of Minerva Academy to bring football culture to Chandigarh – children from rural areas should also join sports


The Minerva Academy, which has been trying to win one of the country’s biggest football leagues on its debut, is now working a level ahead. Minerva has given footballers the right path and now they are also trying to give the right direction to young children.

  • Minerva Academy working for youth in association with Ball 2 All

Also seen in place of star footballers
Many star footballers have played for Minerva Academy and it included many foreign footballers. Minerva also made all the children of the village visit the academy and showed the place where the star footballer practices. This will give children motivation and they will try to protect themselves from wrong association.

‘This will encourage the children’
Sarpanch Ajmer Singh of Daun village also thanked Minerva for this effort. He said that he was thankful to the Academy that he had given the children a chance to play in this way. By this, children will not go in the wrong direction and join sports and this is what Minerva and everyone wants. This will encourage the children and they will try to learn something new. With the help of the game, they will bring solidarity and discipline.

‘It is our duty to do this for the children’
Minerva Academy Director Hina Bajaj has done a lot of work for the region’s football and she considers it her duty to give the right direction to the youth. He said that we are just doing our duty and it is necessary to give children a chance to play. Out of these, tomorrow there will be a good player who will increase the honor of the country. We are making a small effort to develop confidence and skills along with leadership quality in children.

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