Earth orbit for weight loss, 40 thousand kilometers in 1500 days


A 70-year-old man born in Punjab and living in Ireland for more than 40 years, has claimed that he has completed a journey of 40,075 kilometers equal to the circumference of the Earth in 1,500 days and has also applied for the Guinness World Record Have given. According to him, he has completed the ‘Earth Walk’ journey without leaving his home town of Limerick.

Vinod Bajaj started this journey in August 2016 with the intention of reducing weight and making the body shapely. As he lost weight, his enthusiasm for walking increased. For this he adopted many paths, and whenever the weather related problems, he would complete this journey in the mall.

Bajaj said, “For the first three months, I lost 8 kilograms daily by walking for seven days every week, reducing by 700 calories. I lost another 12 kg in the next six months. I lost weight because of walking and I did not change my diet. ”

Retired engineer and business consultant Bajaj grew up in Chennai. He moved to Glasgow to study management in 1975 and moved to Ireland 43 years ago. He currently lives in the suburb of Limerick with his family. He said, “By the end of the first year, I had traveled 7,600 km. And I was surprised to know that I had traveled from India to Ireland. I walked continuously and by the end of two years I had traveled 15,200 kilometers and found that I had actually walked more than the circumference of the Moon (10,921 kilometers). After that I decided to walk the circumference (21,344 km) of Mars. ”

He said, “There is a difference of 19,000 km between Mars Walk (circumference of Mars) and Earth Walk (circumference of Earth) and I knew it would not be easy. I went on to accomplish this goal. He completed the Earth Walk on 21 September. ” His application is currently in process in the Guinness World Record and an evaluation is underway to see if his journey to the Earth’s circumference completes with 1,496 days and 54,633,135 steps.

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