Due to these reasons, boys are more attracted towards married women


Many a times you must have heard that boys are more pleasing than girls, whereas the same has now been proved true. Yes, for your information, let us know that a recent survey has been done in which it has been found that nowadays boys are more attracted to married women than virgin girls and want to spend more time with women older than themselves. After hearing this, this question will also be coming in your mind that why this happens after all, today we will tell you the answer to this question, so let us tell you today why boys like more married women.

According to the researchers, the attraction of boys towards women older than them is obvious because this is the age when boys understand a little bit about it, after which this understanding starts to grow later, so nowadays boys Ko Antia and Bhabhi look hot. Now researchers have confirmed this as well. So now you know the reason behind this

1. The first reason is that married women are more intelligent than girls because they have more experience to live life, they become experienced that is why single boys like them very much.

2. It is said that not only girls get more sparkling after getting married, then this is absolutely true, because there are many physical changes in women after marriage, due to which such women attract more boys for marriage. After that, his body flourishes in the first match. Married women dress more and look beautiful.

3. At the same time, there is also a reason that the girls of today have more tantrums and they get angry on the matter, but if they are seen there, married women reduce tantrums and start understanding things. That is why married women like it more.

4. It has also been revealed in the survey that today’s virgin girls need something new every day like clothes, gifts and food, walking, but if they talk about married woman, then they are happier even at less expense. The reason for this is that after marriage, women spend thoughtfully. She gives more priority to her needs rather than spending extravagantly.

5. It is believed that married women have open views, due to which they are able to say their words clearly and do not have any kind of estrangement in the mind. Such women often do not take much time to understand the boys and boys also open their heart easily with such women.

Let me tell you one more thing that it is not with all boys, there are some boys who like only girls.

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