Do you know why there is a hole in the lid of the pen? If you don’t know then know


People who read, write and book accounts use pens. Even though the era has become digital, the use of pen has still not reduced. Pens were once regarded as fashion. People used to walk by putting it in their shirt pocket. Whoever was a writer, if he did not have a pen, people would say what the author is. Pens have many specialties. The pen has also changed as it was invented. From ball pens to fountain pens, pens have come a long way in development.

If we talk about the form of the pen, then it is a thin tube of about 20 to 30 cm filled with ink. If the pen is seen at the top, then there is a hole at its end. You may have used pens, but hardly will you know why there is a hole on the back end or cap of the pen. Today we will know through this article.

Pen lid

It is often seen that there is a hole in the back of the pen, ie the cap. The general concept behind this is that the lid of the pen is pierced so that the ink does not dry. But this concept is not correct. Because this can cause the ink of the pen to dry or not. It is also said that due to a hole in the lid, it keeps the pressure of the nib ink on the outside and inside the cap on closing the pen from the lid.

This concept also does not prove to be correct. Because in pinch pens and curved cap pens, this does not apply to them. Also, people feel that the hole in the pen is used by companies to make the pen look good. But this does not happen.

What is the root cause

Holes on either end of the pen are given for safety. If a child swallows a pen cap or a pen, oxygen will pass through the hole and it will not prove fatal for children. This is the main reason for the safety of the hole of the pen lid and the back of the pen. It is often seen that while writing, children chew the pen from the lid and accidentally cover the lid.

Due to the hole in the back of the lid, the oxygen does not stop normally and there is no loss of life. Breathe through the hole for a while and then the child could be reached with the doctor. That’s why the makers of pens did this.

Scientific reason is also behind this

A hole is also made in the pen’s lid so that the oxygen flow inside it is closed when the lid is closed and the ink does not flow out due to the pressure of carbon dioxide.

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