Do you also have to go to the hospital during Corona period, keep yourself safe with the help of these tips


The rising havoc of the corona is working to increase public concern. Every day many thousands of people in the country are getting infected by it, so going out is not free from any danger. In such a situation, everyone is being instructed to leave the house only when needed. Especially go to the doctor’s clinic or hospital only when it is very necessary. If you also have to go to the hospital for some reason, then you need to take care of some things so that you can avoid corona infection. So let us know about those general safety rules so that you do not go home from hospital with Kovid-19 disease.

Take an appointment before going to the doctor, going to the clinic or hospital and waiting in line to wait for your turn will not be a good step for your health. Phone or internet can be used to make an appointment and reach the clinic or hospital as per the scheduled time.

Don’t forget to wear a mask while going out of the house and carry an alcohol based sanitizer with you. If possible, go wearing gloves and carry your drinking water bottle with you.

– Do not accompany the patient to more than one healthy person clinic or hospital. Especially those who have symptoms like cough and cold, they should stay at home. If you are pregnant, elderly or have children, go to the hospital only when it is very important.

– If you are going by public vehicle instead of your vehicle then it is better that you pay cashlash so that the transaction does not risk infection.

– On reaching the clinic or hospital, keep a distance of at least 2 feet from any other person. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after visiting the doctor. Fully comply with hospital safety standards.

If you have a fever, instead of going to an OPD, go to fever clinic, which are present in almost every hospital. By doing this, you can protect yourself and others from infection with Kovid-19.

– Meet the doctor and also talk about your next appointment. If possible, you do not have to go to a clinic or hospital for followup and consult a doctor from tele-consultation.

– Try not to use the toilet at the hospital or any public place. Close the toilet bowl lid before flushing it at home.

Do not wear a mask with valves, instead of home-made or purchased from medical stores, use a three-ply mask.

After reaching home, take off your shoes outside the door. If you have touched the door handle or any part of it, disinfect it. Dispose of your disposable mask safely. Remove the clothes mask and other clothes in the bathroom immediately and put them in hot water and put detergent in it. Now shower yourself well with soap and warm water.

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