Do not make mistakes even while drinking tea, otherwise serious diseases can occur


We all know that in most homes in India, morning starts with tea, while it is also true that people who have a habit of tea cannot live without it. There are many people who drink four to five cups of tea easily in a day, but let us tell you that consuming too much tea is very harmful for health, not only that, many people also say that while drinking tea, some people They make such mistakes, which affect their health. So now you must be thinking that what is the mistake that you make while drinking tea-

Let us tell you that one should never drink tea on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up in the morning, because doing so has a very bad effect on your health. According to the information, let us tell you that if you wake up in the morning and drink tea on an empty stomach, it can cause serious diseases like acidity and cancer. Not only this, also tell us that drinking tea on an empty stomach reduces the lifespan of a person, so whenever you drink tea in the morning, eat a glass of water or a biscuit.

Apart from this, let us tell you that one should not drink tea immediately after eating accidentally. Because it affects your health. Whenever you eat food, our body takes some time to absorb the nutrients that are in the food, but if you drink tea immediately after eating, then it will not be able to absorb the nutrients of your food. Due to which your body does not get complete nutrition. In such a situation you may be prone to diseases like diabetes.

Many times people like to drink strong tea but they do not know that they boil the tea more, but tell you that tea should not be boiled and drunk. Apart from this, also tell us that once the tea is hot, never boil the tea for the second time. By doing this you may have problems like acidity.

Many times it happens that people make black pepper, dry ginger, basil, cardamom, cloves, peppermule, nutmeg etc. in the tea by giving them spices, but tell you that it can prove to be harmful for your health. Not only this, let us also tell that the caffeine present in tea kills the medicinal properties of these spices and its effects start falling on our body.

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