Do not forget this work on Facebook, otherwise your account will be blocked


More than half of the world’s population is currently connected to Facebook. In the coming days, people share something on Facebook. But there are some things that should not be shared on the social media platform Facebook. In such a situation your account may get blocked. Today we will give you information about those things, which you do not forget and share on Facebook. By doing this you can be blocked on Facebook forever. Let’s know…


There is a ban on Facebook from non-medical drugs to buying and selling cannabis. Also, ammunition, buying and selling of guns are banned on the platform. In such a situation, if you share any post related to these things, then your account will be blocked immediately.

Do not share posts that promote violence or threaten anyone

Facebook immediately blocks users who share statements aimed at perpetrating violence against a person, group or place. Also, no person can be threatened in any way on Facebook’s platform. Also asking for money or mentioning a particular weapon or offering to sell a picture or weapon. With the removal of such posts, the user’s account is immediately blocked.

Do not unnecessarily poke someone

If you are fond of poke people unnecessarily, then keep in mind that your profile can be blocked by this.

Terrorist activities

Terrorist activities are organized and spread with hatred, as well as malicious acts such as mass or gradual killings, human trafficking, organized violence or criminal activity. Facebook completely removes all these things that show support and praise to politicians or people. Apart from this, non-governmental organizations, which achieve any political, religious or doctrinal goal or intimidate any government or international organization or engage in violent activities, Facebook blocks all these things and completely Removes from your app.

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