Digital media journalists will also get benefits like print and TV reporters, know government’s plan


The central government on Friday said it would consider extending benefits such as PIB recognition to journalists, photographers and videographers of digital media bodies. Not only this, the government has also said that it will also consider giving access to these journalists, photographers, videographers to the participants in the official press conference. The government has asked digital media bodies to pursue their own interests and set up self-regulatory bodies to communicate with the government.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said that many other facilities for digital media are also being considered. Digital mediapersons will be given recognition, medical and other facilities from the Government of India, like journalists in print and electronic media. Not only this, like print and electronic media, digital media will be able to form self-regulatory groups. According to the statement, digital advertisements of the government will also be given to them through the Communications Bureau.

The Ministry said that at present, the benefits given to traditional media i.e. print and TV will be considered in future also to be given to those bodies which are engaged in uploading or streaming of news through digital medium. The government said that the facilities to be considered for digital media include the recognition of PIB to its journalists, cinematographers, videographers. Not only this, digital media journalists, photographers and videographers will also be given CGHS benefits, concessional rail fares etc.

According to the statement issued by the ministry, according to the Department of Industry Promotion and Internal Trade, this step has been taken in the direction of the decision. Not only this, the government also issued a new clarification on 26 percent foreign direct investment (FDI) in digital media related to the news. According to the new rule issued by the government, digital media companies securing foreign investment will have to bring FDI at 26 per cent with the approval of the central government within one year.

According to the clarification issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry on Friday, 26 percent FDI rules from the government route will apply to all digital media registered in India and located in India, uploading news and current affairs on websites, apps and other platforms The news agency is supplying news directly and indirectly to digital media, which are news aggregators using software, web applications at one place. These include podcasts and blogs along with the website.

According to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, more than 50 percent of the directors on the board of directors should be Indians. The CEO of the company must be an Indian. In the company, if a foreigner is appointed in India for more than 60 days, then it will be necessary to take his security clearance. According to sources, China’s investment in digital media such as Daily Hunt, Halo, UC News, Opera News, Newsdog has more stake. This type of investment from China may be curbed by the new rule.

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