Diet Tips: These 8 food items can make the body the base of diseases by weakening the immunity system


Better catering is very important for better functioning of the body. Eating provides energy to the body and helps in leading a healthy life. Now-a-days, due to wrong eating habits and wrong selection, people are increasingly vulnerable to diseases.

There are some food items which are wonderful in taste but they work to dissolve poison in the body. Experts believe that some food and drink items are slowly digging people’s bodies.

The interesting thing is that people are eating these things with great passion. Even in Ayurveda these things have been described as dangerous for health. Consuming these things in the corona period can make your health worse.

Fast food
In the present time, the attachment of fast food is made to the youth. They like to eat in restaurants outside of home. Fast food contains preservatives and ingredients called mono sodium glutamate, which can cause liver and kidney risk, and it also increases the chances of cancer.

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Everyday, through tea, coffee, syrup, we consume a lot of sugar throughout the day. However, excessive intake of sugar causes great harm to the body.

Salt is very beneficial for our body, but taking it in high quantity increases the chances of high blood pressure. Also, as we know that salt is high in sodium, there is a fear of getting cancer and osteoporosis.

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When flour is made from flour, in this process many fibers and vitamins present in it are sieved. Flour causes a lot of damage to the body. One should avoid eating it everyday.

Due to the presence of carcinogenic compounds in mushrooms, there is a risk of cancer by eating it, so whenever you eat it, boil it properly so that its toxic ingredients are already released and we get only nutrients.

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Frozen food
Many artificial colors and preservatives are added to frozen food, which causes the possibility of heart attack and cancer.

cold drinks
Because of the high amount of phosphoric acid in cold drinks, if we drink it, the powers of the brain start decreasing. It also poses a risk of heart related diseases.

Sprouted potatoes
Sprouted potatoes contain glycoalkylides. They should not be eaten by mistake either. They may have migraine problems and there is also a risk of diarrhea.

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