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Delivery robots will be seen soon in Japan


Tokyo: Delivery robots are about to appear on the roads in Japan soon. Yes, Japan is preparing robots as part of everyday life to collect and deliver a variety of items from the shop to your doorstep, to curb social distancing and virus outbreaks due to Kovid 19. will do. These robots are going to be launched keeping in mind that people should have minimum contact among people to prevent infection. Trial runs of such delivery robots will begin in August from Tokyo. A company called ZMP Inc. will deliver a robot called Deliro to customers like a delivery boy. Between August 12 and 16, customers will order from their tablet computers and make cashless payments and delivery of their food items through these robots.

The company says these tests are being carried out to test the capacity of the Delero and to match the demand for the new lifestyle due to Kovid. A meter-high deliro will have a maximum speed of 6 kilometers per hour, ie this robot will run at the same speed as ordinary people. According to the information, this robot made with advanced driving technology will detect the obstacles in its path and will be able to deliver weight up to 50 kilograms.

Not only this, this robot will also spray a disinfectant while running under the virus protection feature. Since the birth rate in Japan is low and the population is aging, there is a huge labor shortage that machines are used more and more. Also, in view of the new conditions that have been caused by the corona virus, the Government of Japan is also excited about such a robot project. But there is also a legal problem regarding this project.

In fact, these robots will be a machine that will run at a speed of just 6 kmph. That is, these vehicles will be considered in the category of vehicles and it is becoming a big challenge to get the speed vehicles on the main roads, as it is possible to get them in the legal realm. To address this problem, a panel under the National Policy Agency has started considering traffic rules. How the traffic rules will apply to these robots is being understood this year due to the government’s objective of testing these robots, although in the case of these robots can be monitored. On a similar project, the e-commerce giant Rakuten Inc has also said that it is also preparing to take the automated vehicles on the road by the end of this year, which will only serve the delivery of things.



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