Delhi: Gangrape with woman, three arrested in the parking area of ​​a hospital in Rohini


Delhi: Gangrape with woman, three arrested in the parking area of ​​a hospital in RohiniSymbolic photo (file photo)

Rohini in Delhi has exposed another incident which has embarrassed humanity. In this incident, a woman was gang-raped in the parking of a hospital in Rohini. Police have arrested three people, including security guards, on the charges of rape. The cases of rape of women and girls are increasing day by day. Women are not safe anywhere. After the Hathras gang rape and murder case in September, there was a rage in the entire country. There was a demand to punish the accused by hanging from place to place. ALSO READ: Gangrape in Balrampur: Gang rape with girl in Balrampur after Hathras incident, died before reaching hospital

A similar incident came to light in September, where a 30-year-old female employee, working in a hospital in Meerut, was harassed by some people. After the incident, the accused threw the woman on the road. The police arrested two people in this case. ALSO READ: 19-year-old girl hanged after gang rape – Demands for justice on Twitter

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According to police, a 30-year-old woman working in a private hospital in the city was abducted by three youths in a car while returning from duty. Took her to the forest of Qazi and threw her on the roadside after being gang-raped. “The capital Delhi and Uttar Pradesh are not safe for women compared to other states.” From here, incidents of vandalism with women and girls are often heard.

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