Delhi: Beyond the limits of cruelty, rape of live-in partner’s 3-year-old son in Burari, later killed


Delhi: Beyond the limits of cruelty, rape of live-in partner's 3-year-old son in Burari, later killedFile Photo

new Delhi: A heartbreaking incident has come to light in the country’s capital Delhi. In Burari, a baron first committed misdeeds (Rape) with a three-year-old and then killed him to erase evidence. Police arrested the accused and sent them to jail. It is being told that the mother and the accused lived together. Heartbreaking incident in Gurugram, rape of 21-year-old girl placed on ventilator support in ICU

According to the information received, the 32-year-old Shuwan (Delhi Police) has been arrested by Delhi Police on charges of killing and sexually assaulting a minor boy in Burari area of ​​North Delhi. On October 28, a cab driver accused by profession murdered his live-in partner’s 3-year-old son after falling prey to his lust.

It is being told that the child’s mother came to live with the accused after a quarrel with her husband on the moon day before the incident. He told the police that his son was crying on the day of the incident, so Shuwan took him to board his cab. Three hours later, he returned home with his son unconscious and his body had several bruises.

The woman said in her complaint that when she asked about her son’s bruises, Shuwan said that the scars were allergic to the drug. However, when the son’s condition did not improve, the woman took him to a government hospital. The doctors then said that the boy was sexually assaulted and strangled. By then, the accused ran away from the hospital. Police arrested Shuwan on Monday night and registered a case against him under murder, sexual harassment and Posco Act.

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