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COVID-19 Pandemic: World Health Organization reviews air corona epidemic, experts advise to be cautious

COVID-19 Pandemic: World Health Organization reviews air corona epidemic, experts advise to be cautious

Corona to Jung (Photo Credits: PTI)

239 scientists from 32 countries of the world have submitted their research papers by the World Health Organization (WHO), which states that the corona virus is spread through the air. On this, WHO has said that there is no direct evidence for this, but yes it has also said that all scientists’ papers are being reviewed by experts. If any such thing comes, then the common people will definitely be told about it. On the other hand, if the health experts agree, then the corona virus spreads in the air, but not in the way ordinary people are thinking. This virus can only infect a limited distance in the air.

Dr. Neeraj Gupta of Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi told in conversation with Prasar Bharati that there is no clear evidence about the spread of novel coronavirus through air. The disease spreads through the air, but we have to understand that when a corona-infected person sneezes, coughs, or speaks, the particles that come out of their mouths from the mouth or nose are from one meter to six Can go up to meters.

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Due to their large scope, the virus spreads far and wide. In our country, the number of infected people is increasing very fast. There could be a reason for this, but even the WHO has not yet got clear evidence that the disease is spread through the air.

Is there a possibility of virus everywhere in the air?

Dr. Gupta dismissed this question and said, “This is not the case. When the virus comes out of the mouth when an infected person sneezes, coughs or speaks, there are many other factors in whether the virus will reach the person standing far away. ) Are also included, such as whether the wind speed is on that side, the weather is cold or hot, the weather is dry or moist, these reasons also affect the spread in the air. If there is a possibility of the virus spreading in the air, there will be less fear in the open or where there is proper ventilation. However there is a fact to the contrary that if a person is infected in the house, then Everyone should get an infection, but it does not happen everywhere. So from this we can say that this virus does not spread as much as people are thinking through air. ”

He further said that before the virus spreads in the air or not, we need to think whether we are able to follow social distancing or not. If we were able to do it, then today we would not be the third in the world in terms of infection. Scientists also believe that this disease spreads only by going close, sitting near and talking. You see in the market, people are not keeping distance in the market, on the road. People are roaming in the mall, they are not able to control themselves. In such a situation, if we do not understand our responsibility, then this disease cannot stop.

Security request

According to Dr. Benedetta Allegranzi, head of the technical team for prevention and control of infection at the World Health Organization, researchers have appealed to reconsider the recommendations of the World Health Organization regarding the outbreak of covid infection. But the World Health Organization has not found any concrete evidence of the spread of this virus through air. At the same time, Director General of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Shekhar Mande has urged people to take complete security. He said that even infection spread through air cannot remain in the air for much longer. Mr. Mande said in a special conversation that it is only by applying the mask and maintaining a safe distance that the possibility of exposure to Kovid infection can be reduced significantly.


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