Corona Pandemic: Health experts said – Deborah may cause infection if antibody is not made


Corona Pandemic: Health experts said - Deborah may cause infection if antibody is not made
Corona Virus (Photo Credits: PTI)

The number of active cases is increasing in India, although the recovery rate has also crossed 50 lakh. But the corona virus continues to battle. Recently, according to the report of sero survey conducted in different parts of the country, India is far away from herd immunity. Meanwhile, many new facts related to Corona are coming out. At the same time, Johnson & Johnson Company has claimed to bring a single dose vaccine soon.

Single dose vaccine is more effective

Explaining what is single dose vaccine and how effective it is, Dr. AK Varshney of RML, New Delhi, says that any vaccine is given to increase immunity in the body. Most vaccines have to give two or three doses in a span of a few months. It is an immunity booster in a way, but it takes a long time to give such a vaccine. People have to be called again and again and until the complete dose of the vaccine is found, it does not effect. In such a situation, if a single dose vaccine comes, it will be very effective. It has been successful in the first two trials, so it has raised expectations. Also read: Coronavirus update: Immunity boosters are being given to soldiers from Tamil Nadu to Delhi and Punjab to protect against corona epidemic.

Dobora infection if antibodies are not produced

Even though the recovery rates are increasing, the case of recurrence has also come to the fore in many people. Actually, the people of Noida recovered from asymptomatic few months back. But after a few days, there was a Dobora infection and this time the symptoms also appeared. On this, Dr. Varshney says that in such cases, the viral load in patients is considered to be increased again. In fact, many times when someone is asymptomatic, then if they do not have antibodies in them and they are cured on their own due to low virus load. Antibodies are not formed in many patients. In such patients, the probability of infection remains as much as in a normal person. That is why if someone gets infected again, then antibodies can be made in them and it is also possible that symptoms may come more than before.

Do the test if you see any symptoms

At the same time, many people are still not getting tested for fear of symptoms. On this, Dr. Varshney said that many people have symptoms but fear not to have a test. This is wrong. People who have symptoms should be tested. It may be a common cold and a cold, but if it comes positive then treatment can be done immediately according to the severity of the infection. You will be saved from the seriousness of the situation. The special thing is that if you remain like this then you may be saved but others become infected and the virus becomes serious in them. So do the test and if it is positive then get isolated.

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