Corona Lockdown Health Tips: Weight gain during corona and pain in knee and neck is starting, then this news is for you.


new Delhi: People have been at home for almost four months because of the worldwide corona infection. During this time, the culture of work from home and online study was created, which has been included in its daily routine by crores of people today, but due to this routine people are getting caught in many other diseases. The biggest reason for this is our daily routine which has completely deteriorated. According to a research, about one-third of the people living in cities say that their weight has increased a lot in lockdown. Apart from this, many people also complain that their knees have started to ache.

Due to weight gain, people are having problems like knee pain, back pain, arthritis and bone pain. There are five major reasons behind the problem of orthopedic people getting during lockdown.

  1. The first reason is weight gain 2. The second reason is lifestyle deterioration 3. The third reason is not exercising or reducing 4. The fourth reason is to sit wrongly for a long time 5. The fifth reason is the body not getting enough sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency

These days, the most complained of doctors are getting knee pain. After this, the problem of back pain and neck pain i.e. neck pain is becoming very common. If you try to understand the root of these problems, then there are four big reasons for this.

  • Work from home: Sitting in front of laptop or computer in wrong way or wrong position for a long time is causing this pain.
  • domestic work: Due to lockdown, meds have stopped coming to homes due to which domestic work has to be done.
  • Bad food: In lockdown people are often eating chips and sometimes some other junk food, due to which the body fat is increasing.
  • Disturbed sleep balance: While going to the office, you had a routine at what time you have to go and by what time you have to come, but after the lockdown, your routine is not exactly the same.

Apart from this, due to Kovid-19 people have created social distance due to which people are also suffering from mental troubles such as demotivation, loneliness and depression which is weakening the healing power of their body which causes arthritis and bones. Increasing problems like pain. For working women, the lockdown has become even more challenging because they have to manage the housework while staying at home and also being in the work from home to handle the office work.

Due to fear of corona, people have stopped going outside the house or going to the park to exercise, which is increasing their weight and weakening the muscles. Apart from this, the government has also closed swimming pools, fitness centers and gyms, etc., due to which the health of people is deteriorating further.

There is also a way to get out of all these problems during lockdown. If you or anyone in your family has any of these problems, then you can get rid of these problems by taking some small measures without going to the doctor.

  • First of all, take half an hour from your busy schedule everyday and do exercise or yoga at home.
  • While exercising or doing yoga, keep in mind that you have to do such yoga asanas or exercises that reduce excess fat from your body and body stretch which will give flexibility in the body. If you want, you can join online fitness training, yoga or Zumba Claus.
  • Follow a balanced and regular rule for sleeping and try to leave the bed before seven o’clock every day.
  • Avoid eating food that has more carbohydrates and oil. Also avoid eating sweets and rust foods. Also avoid taking high energy drinks or workout drinks.
  • If there is pain in any part of the body, avoid eating painkillers. If you do not want to go to the hospital, then make a video call or consult online with an orthopedic expert doctor. Do not take medicine without doctor’s advice.
  • While working from home, sit properly while working on computer or laptop.

Corona medicine has not been made yet, nor is it clear yet that by the time its medicine comes in the market, keeping the treadmill or home cycling at home is not a bad option. Apart from this, if your weight is still increasing then seek the advice of a dietician. The year 2020 has been challenging in every respect, but still you have to take full care of your health. Take care of your health, everything else will be cured gradually.

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