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Corona infected increased 11 times in 61 days of unlock, till June 1 there were only 8362 cases, now 89 thousand figures reached

The situation of coronavirus infection in Uttar Pradesh is getting frightening. This can be gauged from the fact that Technical Education Minister Kamal Rani Varun, who was in the Yogi government’s cabinet, died in Lucknow’s PGI on Sunday. Whereas, four more cabinet ministers are in the grip of Corona. The corona speed was unlocked as soon as the lockdown ended on June 1 in the state. On June 1, there were only 8362 patients in the state. But, now this number has reached 89711. In June-July, corona patients have increased 11 times in UP.

The first case was revealed in March

In the month of March in UP, Agra shoe business and its family were hit by Corona. After this, a lockdown was declared in UP from 22 March. After this, till May, only 8,362 positive cases were reported in three months. About 20 days later, the number of patients doubled to 16,602. Just five days later, on June 25, the total number of patients crossed 20 thousand. At the same time, on July 26, the number of Kovid positive patients has crossed 67 thousand and now till August 1, more than 89 thousand cases of corona have been reported in the state.

The biggest jump in Corona case in last 8 days

In the last eight days of July, the number of corona patients increased the most. On July 19, 2,250 patients were exposed. This was the first time that the number of patients had crossed two thousand in one day. After this, on June 20, 1,924 patients were found and then every day the number of patients kept increasing. During the last six days i.e. 21 to 26 July, 15,914 patients have been exposed. During this period, the number of investigations has also been between 70 and one lakh per day.

The total number of infected people in UP has increased to 89,711. Whereas, 1677 infected people have died so far. There are 36,037 active patients in the state. At the same time, a total of 51,334 people have been discharged from hospitals so far.

Most among these six cities

city Active case The death Discharge
Lucknow 4090 101 4149
Kanpur Nagar 2940 202 2188
Varanasi 1677 74 1263
Prayagraj 1612 55 951
Bareilly 1468 62 915
Gorakhpur 1093 52 1077

Kanpur city tops in death cases-

city The death
Kanpur Nagar 202
Meerut 108
Lucknow 101
Agra 100

Such corona patients increased in the state

The date The case
21 July 2151
22 July 2308
23 July 2529
24 July 2712
25 July 2954
26 July 3260
27 July 3578
28 July 3490
29 July 3580
30 July 3865
31 July 4455
01 August 3840

The graph of such corona increased

The date This is how corona patients grew
06 June 10103
27 June 20325
07 July 30000
14 July 41222
19 July 50959
24 July 67015
27 July 70593
30 July 81418
31 July 89234



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