Corona Guidelines: Garba will not happen in Indore, only 10 people will be able to go for immersion of idol, no tableau in small place


In view of the corona, the district administration has imposed certain restrictions under section -144 for sports, entertainment and political events apart from cultural, social events taking place during Navratri and Dussehra. Collector Manish Singh has issued orders in this regard under instructions issued by the Home Department of the state government.

– Garba events will not be organized in Indore district.

– Permission for idol immersion to a group of 10 people up to the immersion site.

– Tableau makers and organizing committees will not set up tableau in a place where there is narrow space.

– It is not allowed to carry out the ceremonies for any religious and social event.

– Shraddhalu and audience will use mask, face cover, sanitizer at public events of Ramlila and Ravana Dahan.

– At religious places where shraddhalu are gathered in a closed room or hall, there should be worshiped by going two yards.

– The number of devotees will not exceed 200 in any case.

Action will be taken under Section 188 for organizing programs of more than 100 people without permission or for violating the conditions of permission.

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