Consuming just one teaspoon of ghee and water can relieve constipation, know home remedies


The use of ghee with water can relieve constipation. Who is not aware of the stomach ache caused by constipation. If you are also struggling with constipation and want to be treated with native methods, then Ayurvedic method can prove to be beneficial. For this, you will need a glass of ghee and a glass of hot water. Then after that, you will see the magical effect of ghee and water in the stomach problem.

How does this work?

Ghee is called super food. But to get benefit from this, the right method should be known before use. Butric acid is found in ghee. Butric acid is said to help relieve constipation. Butyric acid also corrects metabolism and helps in movement of feces apart from frequency. It reduces stomach pain, gas, bloating and other other symptoms of constipation.

Ghee makes stool soft in a natural way. Health benefits such as increased bone strength, weight loss and adequate sleep can be achieved with its intake. Apart from this, ghee also gives smoothness to the body and cleans the intestinal tract. Due to which the speed of waste of the body is corrected. Apart from this, the risk of constipation can also be reduced by the use of ghee.

How to consume ghee with water?

To relieve constipation, mix one teaspoon of ghee in 200 mg of warm water. If you want to get the best result, then take ghee-water on an empty stomach in the morning. Constipation occurs when the digestive tract, intestines and stomach become dry, hard and hard. The lubricating properties found in ghee make the digestive tubes soft and provide a way for easy drainage of waste from the body.

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