Cinema Halls Re-open: The first day of theaters was cold, but hope for a better weekend


After the corona virus pandemic, cinemas started in some states from October 16 under the guidelines set by the central government. However, viewership on the first day was extremely low on Friday. Given the risk of Kovid-19, people are still hesitating to go to theaters. Cinema operators hope that the weekend will improve.

Explain that the Central Government has given permission to open cinemas with 50% capacity, that is, half the tickets will be sold in a cinema hall. Housefull 4 is set up in Delhi’s Delight Theater. General Manager Raj Kumar Malhotra told IANS here – We are not expecting a housefull from day one. We are not even assuming that 50 percent people will come. At 12 noon, only 50-60 people arrived at the show. But, we are happy that things have started. Today, 50-60 people are sitting, they will tell their families that it is safe to go to the theater and watch the film, then more people will start coming.

Kunal Sahni, Vice President, Operations, Carnival Cinemas said- Cinemas are open in Delhi-NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal and Gujarat. The show at 11 in the morning saw 25-30 people. As the talk spreads, more people will come. Sections 375, War, Malang and Queen have been installed in Carnival Cinemas. In Punjab, Gujarat and Bengal, films in the local languages ​​are already playing.

Yogesh Raizada, director of Web Cinemas, said that before Navratri and Diwali, the business is cool anyway. It is not right to talk about occupancy at this time due to seven months gap and no new content. It is important that the audience’s trust is built, so that they will return to theaters. On the question of putting OTT released films in the theater, Raizada said that this would create a wrong tradition. Everyone would like to release films in theaters with OTT, which would reduce the attractiveness of theaters. Any film goes to TV or OTT eight weeks after its release in theaters, allowing the film to run on the big screen.

Let us tell you that multiplex owners have already refused to put such films in theaters which have come on OTT during the lockout in PanDemic. Cinema operators hope that new films will start coming in from October 30 onwards. They also include Hollywood films.

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