China massacring Uygar Muslims in Xinjiang, American NSA attacked Chinfing


The US National Security Adviser on Friday again attacked China strongly. He (Robert O’Brien) said that Beijing is massacring Uygar Muslims living in the Xinjiang region. If it is not a massacre, then something is going on around it. Let us tell that till now the US had condemned the steps being taken by China in Xinjiang, but never called it a massacre.

There are deep implications behind saying this and it is believed that in future, the US may take some strong action against China. Explain that earlier Brian had said that China’s neighboring countries like India should understand that there is no use to talk to Beijing anymore.

Addressing an online event organized by the Aspen Institute, Robert O’Brien also spoke about the action taken by China against Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement. Brian also noted the large-scale seizure of hair products made by people living in Xinjiang.

He said that the Chinese government is really sending hair products to Ugar women and getting them ready and sending them to America. US Customs and Border Protection said in June that it had seized a ship full of hair products.

In June, US Secretary of State Mike Ponpio mentioned a report that China is forcibly aborting Muslim women in Xinjiang. The United Nations estimates that more than one million Muslims are housed in detention camps in Xinjiang. However, China does not call them a detention camp but a vocational training center.

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