China gets chilly on India’s support to Taiwan


Beijing: China’s aggression is increasing day by day. On one hand, Dragon is making claims to resolve border dispute through negotiations with India but on the other side is constantly threatening. Now China has made India angry over Taiwan. In fact, China has been claiming Taiwan for a long time and continues to threaten other countries that support Taiwan.

Meanwhile, China is stunned to see increasing support for Taiwan in India. Chinese newspaper has directly threatened India that if Indian powers play with Taiwan then China can take action to separate Northeast ie Sikkim from India. “If India’s social forces play on the Taiwan issue, they should know that we can support separatist forces in northeast India and isolate Sikkim.

In these ways we can retaliate. Indian nationalists should be independent. Their country is fragile. “Let the Indian media interview Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, in which he said that Taiwan was never a part of China. Along with this, he also appealed to people from all over the world to accept Taiwan’s existence. After this, the Chinese Embassy present in India had also raised objections and said that the giving of platform to Taiwan violated the One-China policy.

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