Changing the captain in the middle of the season creates pressure


Morgan’s first match as captain in the IPL was very poor. Mumbai defeated Kolkata by 8 wickets. A defeat would not affect Morgan’s captaincy. The news of Karthik withdrawing from the captaincy came on the day of the match against Mumbai. In such a situation, Morgan did not get time for preparation. Morgan’s limited overs performance as captain has been good, but now he has a challenge. But one has to understand why Karthik was removed? Was it their decision as it is being told or were they under pressure from the team management. There are many types of rumors. Some sources say the management was not happy with Karthik. Another source says that Karthik was worried about the batting, causing the team’s performance to go down. Captaincy is never easy. They may not have got what the management had expected from them. It could also be that Karthik was upset with himself. Poor performance of yourself, performance of the team and management can also put pressure on yourself. Maybe this is why Morgan has a chance of captaincy. This is not the first time the captain has changed during the tournament. In 2019, Rajasthan replaced Smith as captain. In 2013, Rohit became the captain in place of Ponting. It is not necessary that the result of changing the captain is good. The team of Rajasthan is struggling under Smith’s captaincy. Mumbai won four titles under Rohit’s captaincy. It is not necessary that the captain was replaced simply because the team’s performance deteriorated or the captain’s own performance deteriorated. Gavaskar and Dravid had to withdraw from the captaincy even after the victory. Gavaskar relinquished the captaincy after winning the 1985 World Championship in Australia. Dravid withdrew after winning the Test series in England 1–0 in 2007. It was won after 26 years in England. It is never easy to give up the captaincy because one gets a position with it. Even if a player leaves, there are enough reasons. It is not a sudden decision. It is common for someone new to be named captain, but this change is not right in mid-season. This puts pressure on the captain as well as other players. After the arrival of the new captain, a new kind of plan has to be made with the same players. It can be challenging for everyone. The road to Morgan is not easy.

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