Burn only one bay leaf before sleeping, it will be amazing in 5 minutes


You all know that Tejpatta is definitely present in the kitchens of Indian homes, let us not only say that Tejpatta is used as a spice. Apart from this, you should also know that it is also used as an Ayurvedic medicine, the use of dried bay leaves is used to make the food aromatic. If you have ever noticed, you must have noticed that such a dish which takes a long time to be made, bay leaves are used.

Once the dish is ready, the bay leaf is removed before serving. The aroma from the bay leaf is more important than its taste. Bay leaves have many healthy health benefits. Since ancient times, it has been used in the treatment of liver, intestine and kidney. Many times it is used in place of injury on bee bite. These days many people are using it for the prevention of many minor diseases.

Not only that but do you know that bay leaf has many more benefits. Yes, according to a recent survey conducted in Russia, it has been found that bay leaf can be used to relieve stress. Bright leaves are aromatic. Yes, the way we use aroma therapy for relax in spas etc., you can enjoy and enjoy it in the rooms of your house with a sharp leaf.

Apart from this, also tell that put the bay leaves in a pot and burn it and now keep it in the same room. Because by doing this, close the room from outside for about 15 minutes. After some time when you open the room, there is a relaxing scent in the room. It is very relaxed, if you sit in the room for some time, you will feel relaxed.

Not only this, also tell us that bay leaf is also used in making medicines, especially Indian medicines. Bay leaves are an important part of hot spices. It has always been used in Ayurveda. Bay leaf proves beneficial in many types of diseases. On the other hand, if you take bay leaf powder with water every morning, diabetes is away. It should be taken thrice a day.

Let me tell you that bay leaf is also used to sharpen the mind, yes, tell me that it increases memory. There is no difficulty in remembering anything. It should be used in daily food. The person who eats it has little chance of getting Alzheimer’s-like brain disease. Even in old age, there is no problem with remembrance. Apart from this, bay leaf is also very useful for women.

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