Blackout of the elbows, knees and eyes


Skin color also changes due to changes in the environment, along with some unwanted marks on our body. Which gives a complete finish to our beauty. These scars are nothing else but the blackness that comes under our eyes, knees, elbows, which has a very messy effect.

This problem bothers girls more because they are unable to wear their favorite dress due to this stain. If a girl does not wear the dress she likes, then it is not a disaster for her.

If you have got such black spots on your body, then there is no need to panic now because today I am going to tell you that this problem will disappear in a moment, after which no one will stop you from wearing your favorite dress.

Orange Scrub: If you have elbows, knees and black marks, then you can use the orange scrub to blacken these blackness. To make orange scrub at home, first dry and grind the orange peel. Mix milk, rose water and honey in orange powder and mix it. Use it as a scrub. Use it on the face, knees, elbows. This orange scrub will give you the desired results and will get rid of all these spots.

Potato juice: If your knees have become too dark and dark circles have come down to your eyes, then use potato for this. This recipe will be no less than a panacea for you. For this, wash and grind the potatoes well and take out the juice and separate the potatoes.

Massage the potato juice under your knees, elbows, eyes with a light hand. Then wash and dry your face with clean water. Use it 2 times a week. You will find that your knee, elbow which had turned black, has now been completely cleared.

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