Blackmail a 16-year-old girl and join the gang, befriend the boys from rich homes and trap them in honey trap


The police also took out a procession in the area of ​​Gunday.

  • Police freed the girl from the capture of the crook and handed her over to her mother
  • After the arrest of the crook, the police took out a procession in his own area

Vijay Nagar police has arrested the listed crook of Salman Lala Gang. A 16-year-old girl has also been freed from her possession. The miscreant blackmailed the minor and joined his gang. The rich used to make the girl friends with the boys of the house. After this, the girl was blackmailed by making her pornographic photos and videos. The girl does not have a father.

According to Vijay Nagar TI Tehzeeb Qazi, the rogue Chhota Adil is a resident of Chhoti Khazrani. He captured a 16-year-old girl. The girl used to stay with her mother in her house, but was forced to walk only at the behest of the crook.

Used to celebrate girl’s birthday every week

TI told that little Adil used to roam around in big cafe house and restaurant with the girl. He used to keep an eye on the boys of big houses there. Then the girl would befriend those boys. Every week, in the name of celebrating the girl’s birthday, different boys would give a party. The girl would then get photographed with the boys with pornographic antics. Many times his videos were also made by deception. Many times he used to take the girls too drunk by getting intoxicated.

When the police traced Salman Lala Gang, information about Chhota Adil was also revealed. So the police was looking for him. After catching the crook, the police got his full details. The girl got information. The girl’s father and mother live separately. The girl lives with her mother. The police handed over the girl to her mother after explaining it. The police also took out a procession in the area of ​​Gunday.

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