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Black pepper is beneficial in treating throat infection and cough

Pepper works tremendously against viruses and bacteria. This has great benefits for health. Let me tell you that if consumed, it is very beneficial for the body. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you what are the benefits of pepper to health.

Benefits of consuming black pepper:

# Licking pepper chutney with ghee and sugar candy helps to cure the sore throat. If the throat infection is to be removed, then boil eight-ten black peppers in water and gargle with water.

# Eating half a teaspoon ground black pepper with a little ghee increases eyesight. Grind black pepper and mix it in ghee and apply on pimples and pimples.

# If there is pyorrhea in the teeth, it is also far from it. Mixing black pepper with salt and applying it in the teeth makes the teeth strong.

# Mixing half a teaspoon pepper powder and half a teaspoon honey, licking 4 times a day cures cough.



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