BJP spokesperson said – Kamal Nath is Miss World, Premchand Guddu is Miss Universe, we never commented on the physical structure of his leaders


Media war room incharge Babusin Raghuvanshi, BJP leader Gavin Malu and spokesperson Umesh Sharma spoke to the media.

  • Raghuvanshi said – This is not an insult to Vijayvargiya, but an insult to all Hinduism and saints
  • Former minister Sajjan Singh Verma addressed Vijayvargiya as Ravana while addressing the gathering in the evening election.

After former minister Sajjan Singh Verma, who called Kailash Vijayvargiya as Ravana zone, BJP has come under attack on Congress. The BJP held a press conference on the matter on Saturday and said that the Congress has insulted Hinduism. Raising hair is the culture of Hindu religion, Lord Ram also grew his hair. In such a situation, Sajjan Verma insulted Hinduism by calling it a hypocrisy to raise hair. At the same time, BJP spokesperson said that Kamal Nath is Miss World, Premchand Guddu is Miss Universe. We have never criticized him on the basis of his physical structure. Then why are the Congressmen using such language?

Media war room in-charge Babu Singh Raghuvanshi said that Sajjan Verma used indecent language and should not be responded to. Then felt, if not given, this process will continue. It is necessary to stop it now. Some people do not get cuttings during Shravan month and Navratri. I was shaved 6 and my brother was 9 years old. Worshiping the case is a tradition of Hinduism. Lord Ram also did not get the case shaved while living in the forest for 14 years. Worshiping hair is hypocrisy, one can only say the leader of an anti-Hindu party. The hair of the priests of 90 percent of the Devi temples is enlarged.

This is an insult to Hinduism and saints

He said that this is not only an insult to Kailash Vijayvargiya, but an insult to all Hinduism and saints. They are doing this, who are manipulating the hypocritical computer Baba by making him the star campaigner of his election. Vijayvargiya called Digvijay and Kamal Nath only as Chunnu-Munnu. Ranga Billa or Ravana, Kansa or Meghnad were not said. Those who act childishly, we call them Chunnu-Munnu, it is condemnable to give such a vulgar answer to that word. Varma’s voice remains the same for his party. I request the big leaders of Congress to get such indecent languages ​​closed.

If they speak such a language, we will bring their personal matters to the fore.

At the same time, senior leader Govind Malu says that Congress leaders are speaking such a language, fearing the popularity of our leaders. Vijayvargiya 9 Day Mata Puja is called Tantra-mantra. Taking objection to reciting these mantras. We allowed this minority government to make them. They did not get any Jana country. Formed a government by manipulating and misusing the resources of MP. They were in the process of auctioning MP’s property. If they do not agree then we will bring their personal scams and scams to everyone.

Minister Verma had abused Digvijay

At the same time, spokesperson Umesh Sharma said that raising hair is in our culture. Patwari and Varma severed their dignity in the evening meeting. Digvijay Singh, whom he calls Chunnu-Munnu, is furious. At one time he had abused his mother to the same Digvijay. It was all public. This ego will cause their destruction. Kamal Nath is Miss World, Premchand Guddu is Miss Universe. We have never criticized him on the basis of his physical structure. Take care of a little dignity in politics. We have lodged a complaint before the DIG and District Election Officer against Sajjan Verma’s rhetoric.

This was Verma’s statement

Former Minister Sajjan Singh Verma said- Vijayvargiya has called Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh as Chunnu-Munnu in the evening. Will have to answer. He sometimes speaks Pappu to Rahul Gandhi. Listen, how much is your Kailash status? If you raise your mouth and spit on your elders, spit will fall on you. Now hear your story from me. Forgotten when wearing sari hair, wearing nostril in nose, wearing bangle in hand and used to do tantra-mantra. Enlarged the hair, twisted the braid… Hey hypocrite….

He forgot his point. Was dreaming of becoming Chief Minister. Now where did the BJP pick up and throw it. Go there and do magic, but there is a greater magician Mamata Banerjee sitting there. As Dussehra approaches, its face starts to resemble Ravana. I have seen it very closely. Eyes are small… nose becomes dumplings.

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